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Long kimono Vest w/string underwear set (organic cotton)

HK $399.00

AMOR.True.Organic Cotton

With the rapid advancement of technology, our lives are becoming more and more convenient. However, it is accompanied by a series of environmental pollution. In the traditional cotton planting process, from the fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides at the time of sowing, to the defoliants before harvesting, the impact of these chemical pesticides on the ecology is unpredictable.
AMOR deeply understands that it is the responsibility of every enterprise to treat the earth well. It is up to the enterprise itself to arouse the public’s awareness of environmental protection. For this reason, AMOR adopts fallow farming for more than three years, adopts natural planting methods, and does not use chemical fertilizers. Organic Cotton” to make a series of organic cotton clothing for our customers.
In addition, because organic cotton does not add a fluorescent whitening agent, it is beige, which is the color of organic raw cotton. It has the advantages of good touch, good water absorption, no static electricity, non-flammable, and fluffy. It can be said to be the most suitable for human skin. Tactile natural fibers. Soft and breathable organic cotton products are comfortable to wear, warm, and breathable. For those who are allergic to chemicals, even wearing organic cotton clothes will have a desensitizing effect.
“Zero Burden” Organic Cotton Fabrics ─
• Reduce the invisible damage of harmful chemicals to the human body
• Reduce the chance of exposure to allergens, especially for those suffering from “chemical allergy” or “contact dermatitis”
• Clothing made of organic cotton does not use dyes containing heavy metals, nor does it use formaldehyde as an additive that is harmful to the human body.
• The fibers of organic cotton are not chemically treated, and will not cause static electricity and allergy symptoms
• Soft touch, warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable and warm
• Can show the user’s sustainable care for the earth

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Long kimono Vest w/string underwear set (organic cotton)

FREE SIZE newborn size 60-70CM

ALL-SEASON suitable for all seasons

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 2 cm